Yoho National Park


Yoho National Park Camping Reservations in 2024

Kicking Horse Campground

Kicking Horse Campground, Yoho National Park

Parks Canada has released launch dates for Yoho National Park camping reservations in 2024, as well as opening and closing dates for each campground in the park.

Camping reservations for Yoho National Park open at 8 am (MST) on January 23, 2024. Exactly 30 minutes before the 8 am opening time, click on the link at Parks Canada Reservations and you will be directed to a waiting page. At 8 am, everyone in the “waiting area” will be randomly assigned a place in the queue. Once your it’s your turn, you will have 30 minutes to make a reservation.

Yoho National Park campground opening dates in 2024

Yoho National Park reservable campground opening dates in 2024 are as follows:

Kicking Horse Campground: May 16 (closes October 14)
Takakkaw Falls Campground: June 13 (closes October 14)

These two Yoho National Park campgrounds are first-come, first-served:

Monarch Campground: May 4 (closes September 18)
Hoodoo Creek Campground: June 30 (closes September 4)