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Which Gondola is Better Banff or Jasper?

To help you decide which gondola is better, Banff or Jasper, here are some facts about each one. The Banff Gondola and Jasper SkyTram do have one thing in common—they both offer stunning mountain views, so if you have the opportunity, consider riding both.

Jasper SkyTram is not technically a gondola—it’s a tramway, with two cars shuttling up and down a cable, whereas a gondola has smaller cars attached to a continuously circulating cable.

Here are the differences and similarities between the Jasper SkyTram and the Banff Gondola:

  • Jasper SkyTram has the higher VERTICAL RISE at 959 metres (3,150 feet). The Banff Gondola has a vertical rise of 698 metres (2,290 feet).
  • The TOP ELEVATION of both gondolas is very similar—Banff at 2,281 metres (7,490 feet) just edges out Jasper at 2,263 metres (7,420 feet).
  • TRAVEL TIME is also similar, seven minutes on the Jasper SkyTram and eight minutes on the Banff Gondola.
  • From the top of the Jasper SkyTram and Banff Gondola, SHORT HIKING TRAILS lead to even higher lookout points. The trail at Banff is a boardwalk and gains little elevation. The Jasper SkyTram upper terminal trail gains more elevation, yet offers more rugged views.
  • Unlike all other Canadian Rockies gondolas, the Jasper SkyTram and Banff Gondola are not part of ski resorts, so there is NO SKIING down from the top.
  • Banff Gondola OPERATES YEAR-ROUND, while the Jasper Skytram season is late March to mid-October.
  • The Jasper SkyTram and Banff Gondola are both WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.
  • Banff Gondola uses DYNAMIC PRICING for online ticket sales, so the cost rises and falls with demand. Jasper SkyTram has FIXED PRICING.
  • While FOOD AND DRINK IS AVAILABLE at the lower and upper terminals of both the Jasper SkyTram and Banff Gondola, Banff has more choices.
  • Tickets for both can be PURCHASED IN ADVANCE ONLINE.
  • Both have a variety of WEBSITE DEALS, including early season and evening discounts for the Jasper SkyTram and meal packages at the Banff Gondola.
  • The PARKING lot at the Banff Gondola is often full, so you should plan on catching a ROAM transit bus. The Jasper SkyTram is further from town and not linked to public transit, so you will need your own vehicle.


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