Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park Restaurants

If you’re looking for Jasper National Park restaurants, it’s easy to get a good, or even great, a meal in the town of Jasper. Whether you’re in search of an inexpensive snack for the family or silver service, you can find it in the town of Jasper, which has over 40 restaurants. If you’re on foot, wander Connaught Drive and Patricia Street and you’ll be able to see menus out of most restaurants.

While the quality of food is most people’s number one priority when dining out, the level of service (or lack of it) also comes into play in Jasper, especially if you are paying big bucks for a fine-dining meal. Getting it all right—good food, top-notch service, and a memorable ambiance—in a tourism-oriented town is rare.

Our Favourite Jasper Restaurants

As locals, we can confidently recommend the following favourite cafes and restaurants from least expensive to most expensive:

SnowDome (coffee)

Bear’s Paw Bakery (coffee, pastries)

Wicked Cup (coffee, outdoor patio)

Sunhouse Café (coffee, breakfast)

Kimchi House (inexpensive Asian)

Papa George’s (Italian)

Jasper Pizza Place (pizza)

Jasper Brewing Co. (pub-style)

Syrahs of Jasper (upscale Canadian)

Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen (casual Canadian)

Becker’s Gourmet Restaurant (Canadian, riverfront)

The Great Hall at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (Global, lake views)

Bear’s Paw Bakery, Jasper National Park

Bear’s Paw Bakery.