Mount Assiniboine Naiset Huts

The five Naiset Huts were built by the Alpine Club of Canada in 1925. They lie in the forest 500 metres (0.3 miles) southeast of Assiniboine Lodge and the helipad. They provide very basic accommodations, with bunk beds and a wood stove for heating. There is no electricity. A much larger, modern log cabin, the Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter, serves as a communal area for preparing meals (well-appointed with propane cook stoves and heaters, solar lighting, and sinks with running water).

Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter.

The huts are managed by Assiniboine Lodge for BC Parks. Reservations must be made by phone by calling Assiniboine Lodge (403/678-2883) starting in January for the summer season. You will need to check the Assiniboine Lodge website for the exact date that reservations are open, as the huts fill very quickly.

Interior of the Fleabane Hut.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the five Naiset Huts have only been bookable in their entirety. In 2023, rates are:

Arnica Hut (sleeps 5): $150 per night
Jonesy Hut (sleeps 6): $180 per night
Forget-Me-Not Hut (sleeps 6): $180 per night
Fleabane Hut (sleeps 8): $240 per night
Aster Hut (sleeps 8): $240 per night

Hut bookings must correspond with flight days, even if you are hiking in. Currently, flights are on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (on long weekends they fly Monday instead of Sunday). For details, see our Getting to Mount Assiniboine page.