Mount Assiniboine Weather

Mount Assiniboine weather has four distinct seasons, including short, relatively cool summers and long, cold winters.

For the hiking season, flights begin in late June, which is also when the lodge, huts, and campground open. But SPRING arrives late to Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, with Lake Magog often remaining partly frozen late into June and surrounding hiking trails remaining covered in snow into July.

The SUMMER solstice, June 21 is officially the first day of summer. On this day, the longest of the year, Mount Assiniboine enjoys almost 17 hours of sunlight. July is the warmest month in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, with an average daytime temperature of around 18°C (64°F). On the hottest summer days, the temperature rises above 28°C (82°F) around the lake. Throughout the summer, outdoor enthusiasts take full advantage of the long, warm days at Mount Assiniboine and spend as much time as possible hiking, fishing, and exploring the area.

With its bracing, fresh air, AUTUMN (usually known as “fall” in North America) is a transitional season. September, the first month of autumn, is a great time to visit Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park for the display of larch trees turning a stunning golden colour. All activities end at Mount Assiniboine the first weekend of October, with flights ending and all facilities closing for the season. By September, the mountain air has a distinct chill and morning frost is common. Lake Magog is usually frozen by late November.

The WINTER solstice, December 21, marks the shortest day of the year. At lower elevations, it is dark by 4:00 p.m., and at Mount Assiniboine, the sun has disappeared behind the mountains by 3 p.m. January is Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park’s coldest month. The average daily low is -17.8°C (1.4°F), although it will often get as cold as -30°C (-22°F) for a few days. Very rarely, temperatures may drop below -40°C (-40°F). Severe cold weather is often accompanied by sunshine; the cold is dry cold, unlike the damp cold experienced in coastal regions. Snow blankets the Mount Assiniboine area throughout winter. The lodge and Naiset Huts are open between mid-February and early April, with access by helicopter or cross-country skis.

It can snow at anytime at Mount Assiniboine, including in July.

Mount Assiniboine Current Weather Conditions

Although there is no weather station at Mount Assiniboine, you can expect similar conditions found in the town of Banff (although temperatures will be a few degrees cooler). Assiniboine Lodge posts a Mount Assiniboine Trail Report through the operating season, or you can also check the Mount Assiniboine webcam.