Waterton Lakes National Park Scuba Diving

On any given summer day, scuba divers can be seen slipping into the frigid waters of Emerald Bay in Waterton Lakes National Park. just offshore from the Waterton townsite. A steamer was scuttled in the bay in 1918. It had been used to haul logs and as a tearoom but now sits on the lake’s floor, attracting divers who find it a novelty to explore a sunken ship so far from the ocean. No equipment rental is available in the park. The closest is at Awesome Adventures (314 11th St. S., 403/328-5041, www.awesomeadventures.ca), in Lethbridge, where you can also get your tanks filled. Full gear rental is $75 per day, $105 for the weekend, including air fills. Through this shop, certification courses and field trips to Waterton Lakes are organized throughout the summer. Stop in on your way to the park for a rundown on all the dives, or ask at the Waterton Visitor Centre.