Waterton Lakes National Park


Waterton Lakes National Park Photography Guide

The Waterton Lakes National Park Photography Guide describes the best photo opportunities in Waterton Lakes National Park, including from roadways and hiking trails.

Here are our favourite photo spots in Waterton Lakes National Park:

  • Maskinonge Lake
  • Driftwood Beach
  • Marina Point
  • Cameron Falls
  • Townsite waterfront
  • Cameron Lake
  • Red Rock Canyon


For day hikers looking for the best photo opportunities, here are our recommendations, each of which are covered in the Waterton Lakes National Park Hiking section:

  • Bear’s Hump
  • Bertha Lake
  • Crandell Lake
  • Cameron Lakeshore
  • Blakiston Falls

Waterton Lakes National Park Wildlife Photography

Canadian Rockies Wildlife PhotographyFor Waterton Lakes National Park wildlife photographers, we recommend:

Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography, an eBook by renowned wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch.

The book is divided into two sections:

HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH THE CANADIAN ROCKIES is an easy-to-understand instruction manual on Canadian Rockies wildlife photography, with chapters dedicated to equipment, composition, lighting, and destination-specific techniques.

WHERE TO PHOTOGRAPH CANADIAN ROCKIES WILDLIFE covers the entire region species by species, with Wayne Lynch describing specific locations ranging from Jasper in the north to Waterton Lakes in the south.