Kootenay National Park


What is Kootenay National Park known for?

Least known of the Canadian Rockies parks, Kootenay National Park is known for its wilderness filled with wildlife, hiking trails, and the Radium Hot Springs.

KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK WILDLIFE VIEWING is a major attraction along Highway 93. On a morning drive, you may see black and grizzly bears, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and even mountain goats.

Highway 93 is the main KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK SCENIC DRIVE. Valleys regenerating from recent wildfires are the most obvious feature, but it’s worth leaving the highway for short strolls to MARBLE CANYON and the PAINT POTS.

Our favourite two options for KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK HIKING are the cool environment of SINCLAIR CANYON and the glaciated environment of the STANLEY GLACIER TRAIL.

Experienced hikers will want to attempt the multi-day ROCKWALL TRAIL, which reaches glacial lakes and passes through high-alpine meadows.

Regardless how you spend your time in Kootenay National Park, plan on ending your day with a relaxing soak at the RADIUM HOT SPRINGS.

Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs