Banff National Park


Banff National Park Restaurants

If you’re looking for the best Banff National Park restaurants, you have many choices. Whether you’re in search of an inexpensive snack for the family or silver service, you can find it in the town of Banff, which has over 80 restaurants (more per capita than any town or city across Canada). The quality of food varies greatly. Some restaurants revolve solely around the tourist trade, while others have reputations that attract diners from Calgary who have been known to stay overnight just to eat at their favourite haunt. While the quality of food is most people’s number one priority when dining out, the level of service (or lack of it) also comes into play in Banff, especially if you are paying big bucks for a fine-dining meal. Getting it all right—good food, top-notch service, and a memorable ambiance—in a tourism-oriented town is rare.

Our recommendations for Banff’s best cafes in 2023 are here.

Best Banff Restaurants

As Banff residents, we dine out frequently, and so can confidently recommend the following favourite cafes and restaurants from least to most expensive:

Good Earth Coffee House (café)

Wild Flour Bakery (café)

Pad Thai (inexpensive Thai)

Coyotes (breakfast, Southwestern)

Magpie & Stump (Mexican, rooftop patio)

Melissa’s (breakfast, family dining, steak)

3 Bears Brewery & Restaurant (upscale pub fare)

Grapes (charcuterie)

Hello Sunshine (Japanese)

Brazen (contemporary Canadian)