Lake O’Hara Map

Gem Trek Lake O'Hara mapThe best Lake O’Hara map is published by GEM TREK MAPS. Gem Trek is a Banff-based business that has been publishing high-quality Canadian Rockies maps for over 30 years.

Their Lake O’Hara Map (1:20,000) is created using computer-generated 3-D imagery to clearly define changes in elevation and GPS to plot hiking trails. The back of the map is filled with trail information as well as tidbits of Lake O’Hara’s history. Another option is Gem Trek’s waterproof Lake Louise and Yoho Map (1:50,000).

These Gem Trek Maps are available directly from the company website:

Lake O’Hara Map

Lake Louise-Yoho Map

Gem Trek Maps are also sold at Le Relais Day Shelter at Lake O’Hara, at the Friends of Yoho bookstore in the Field Visitor Centre as well as at bookstores, gas stations, and gift shops throughout the Canadian Rockies.