Canadian Rockies Highest Peaks

The Canadian Rockies highest peaks are relatively low compared to other well-known mountain ranges of the world; the highest mountain, Mount Robson, tops out at 3,954 meters (12,970 feet). Eleven of the 22 highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies are found in the Columbia Icefield area.

For climbers, peaks over 11,000 feet in the Canadian Rockies hold special appeal. Lists of Canadian Rockies “11,000ers” made by climbers often list 58 peaks, as they include subpeaks, which we have not included in the list below (for example climbers recognize five summits on the Mount Lyell massif). Vern Dewit blogs on the subject here. also has a full list of 11,000ers compiled by local climbers.

As technology improves, many Canadian Rockies mountains have been remeasured and their heights adjusted—there are a few mountains that have historically fallen just under the 11,000-foot mark (by just a few metres) that may be included on updated lists.

Here are the Canadian Rockies highest peaks over 11,000 feet:

  1. Mount Robson 3,954 metres/12,970 feet
  2. Mount Columbia 3,747 metres/12,290 feet
  3. North Twin Peak 3,730 metres/12,240 feet
  4. Mount Clemenceau 3,658 metres/12,000 feet
  5. Mount Alberta 3,619 metres/11,870 feet
  6. Mount Assiniboine 3,618 metres/11,870 feet
  7. Mount Forbes 3,612 metres/11,850 feet
  8. South Twin Peak 3,580 metres/11,740 feet
  9. South Goodsir 3,562 metres/11,690 feet
  10. Mount Temple 3,543 metres/11,620 feet
  11. North Goodsir 3,525 metres/11,565 feet
  12. Mount Lyell 3,514 metres/11.530 feet
  13. Mount Bryce 3,507 metres/11,510 feet
  14. Mount Hungabee 3,492 metres/11,460 feet
  15. Mount Athabasca 3,491 metres/11,450 feet
  16. King Edward 3,490 metres/11,450 feet
  17. Kitchener 3,480 metres/11,420 feet
  18. Mount Brazeau 3,470 metres/11,380 feet
  19. Mount Victoria 3,464 metres/11,360 feet
  20. Snow Dome 3,451 metres/11,320 feet
  21. Mount Andromeda 3,450 metres/11,320 feet
  22. Stutfield Peak 3,450 metres/11,320 feet
  23. Mount Joffre 3,450 metres/11,320 feet
  24. Resplendent Mountain 3,426 metres/11,240 feet
  25. Deltaform Mountain 3,424 metres/11,230 feet
  26. Tsar Mountain 3,424 metres/11,230 feet
  27. Mount Lefroy 3,423 metres/11,230 feet
  28. Mount Woolley 3,405 metres/11,170 feet
  29. Lunette Peak 3,400 metres/11,150 feet
  30. Whitehorn Mountain 3,395 metres/11,140 feet
  31. Mount Hector 3,394 metres/11,135 feet
  32. Mount Alexandra 3,388 metres/11,110 feet
  33. Mount Willingdon 3,373 metres/11,070 feet
  34. Diadem Peak 3,371 metres/11,060 feet
  35. Mount Huber 3,368 metres/11,050 feet
  36. Mount Huber 3,368 metres/11,050 feet
  37. Mount Edith Cavell 3,363 metres/11,030 feet
  38. Mount Cline 3,361 metres/11,027 feet
  39. Mount Fryatt 3,361 metres/11,027 feet
  40. Tusk Peak 3,360 metres/11,030 feet
  41. Mount Harrison 3,359 metres/11,020 feet
  42. Recondite Peak 3,356 metres/11,010 feet

Of the above mountains, here are a few interesting facts:

  • Mount Robson may be the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, but it is far from the highest in Canada (Mount Logan, 5,959 metres/19,550 feet).
  • Stutfield Peak has the highest prominence on this list at 2,890 metres/9,480 feet.
  • Mount Columbia is the highest point in Alberta.
  • Mount Alberta is regarded as the most difficult climb on this list.
  • The earliest peak summited on this list was Mount Temple in 1894.
  • Mount Edith Cavell is the most prominent peak entirely in Alberta.
  • Snow Dome is the hydrological apex of North America, that is, water from its slopes flows into three oceans.
  • Around 20 climbers have reached the summit of all the mountains in our list, as well as the 16 we do not include, for a total of 58 peaks over 11,000 feet.
  • The youngest to achieve this feat was Steven Song, at 27. Song maintains a detailed website of his climbs here.

Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.