Planning Your Trip to the Canadian Rockies

You can spend hours poring over websites, guidebooks, and maps while planning your trip to the Canadian Rockies, but knowing a little background helps you appreciate the region’s finer points.

Deciding what you want to see in the Canadian Rockies depends on many factors. For each of eight destinations within the Canadian Rockies, we suggest starting your research by clicking through to our Travel Guides, which give a brief overview of each destination and its highlights. These links will take you straight to our Travel Guides:

After you have an idea of where you want to go on your Canadian Rockies vacation, you need to decide when to visit. That’s where the Canadian Rockies weather page comes to the rescue. We describe the pros and cons of each season and give you an idea of the temperatures you can expect during each season. If you want to see a live view of local weather conditions, click through the links we’ve put together on our Canadian Rockies Webcams page.

Once you’ve decided where and when you want to go, you have to begin making commitments (especially if you plan to visit during the summer high season)—and often back them up with your hard-earned money.The first of these is deciding how to get to the Canadian Rockies. From within North America options include flying, driving, or catching a train or bus. Details of each are covered in our Getting to the Canadian Rockies pages.

So, you know how you’re getting to the Canadian Rockies: Now you need to know how to get around. The Getting Around the Canadian Rockies page overs driving (really the only way to explore beyond the main towns) as well as options for bus and tour travel.

Even though you can include all the Canadian Rockies in a week-long vacation, rushing through the region defeats the purpose of enjoying everything the destination has to offer. Instead, plan your travels around your own interests and needs, using our Canadian Rockies Itineraries to find out the highlights of each region.

We understand it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on the World Wide Web, so have put together a Canadian Rockies Information page, which leads you directly to the most important sources of information.

Finally, although many travelers use electronic maps, there’s still nothing like unfolding a traditional paper map to get a true feeling for the region, so we suggest clicking through to our Canadian Rockies Maps page to read about the best maps and where to buy them.