Canadian Rockies Scuba Diving

activities.scubaBeing landlocked, the Canadian Rockies are not renowned for scuba diving. A few interesting opportunities do exist, however, and rentals are available in Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton. The old town site of Minnewanka Landing, in Banff National Park, has been flooded, and although an easy dive, the site is interesting. Patricia Lake, in Jasper National Park, conceals the remains of a secret experiment to build an ice-covered barge that was to be used in the mid-Atlantic as a refueling dock for Allied aircraft. A sunken boat lies at the bottom of Emerald Bay in Waterton Lakes National Park, not far from some wagons that fell through the ice many winters ago. For a list of dive shops and sites, contact the Alberta Underwater Council (780/427-9125 or 888/307-8566,