Canadian Rockies Maps

planning.mapsThe best Canadian Rockies maps are produced by Gem Trek Publishing. They cover all of the Canadian Rockies, using computer-generated 3-D imagery to clearly define changes in elevation and GPS to plot hiking trails. The backs of maps are filled with trail information as well as tidbits of history.

Maps are available at bookstores, gas stations, and gift shops throughout the Canadian Rockies. In Calgary, Map Town (400 5th Ave. SW, 403/266-2241) is a specialist map shop worth stopping at as you pass through. In Vancouver, pick up maps at these specialty bookstores: International Travel Maps & Books (530 W. Broadway, 604/879-3621), The Travel Bug (3065 W. Broadway, 604/737-1122), or Wanderlust (1929 W. 4th Ave., Kitsilano, 604/739-2182).